The new novel by P. B. Dillon is finally here!


The Mage’s Servant

…is a light fantasy novel suitable for those new to the genre as well as life-long fans.

Looking for an entertaining way to pass a few hours? How about something you can read to the kids and still enjoy yourself?

This is it. As engaging as Harry Potter, The Mage’s Servant by P. B. Dillon is just as magical, unique enough to draw you in and as familiar as an old friend.

You can download a free PDF sample here.


On the Back Cover:


“In a world filled with magic, a gentle Mage is murdered by Gothar, a madman who summons demons.

Gothar wants to rule the world – and has the power to do so. Only Willem, a servant of the murdered Mage, can stop him. But it won’t be easy.

Not the sort who enjoys adventures, he will have to battle thieves, murderers, and an army of demons. If that isn’t enough, he’ll also have to cross to another world in search of an ancient weapon.

Reluctantly aided by Ryder, he also gains the help of a Seer and a hero long thought to be dead. Will it – as well as his developing abilities as a Mage – be enough to see him triumph?”


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